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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's About Teeth Whitening

Will my teeth be sensitive following whitening?

Most people do not experience any tooth sensitivity following whitening.  If you have very sensitive teeth, let us know as we can implement a sensitive regime with you to be extra sure.

Will whitening damage my teeth?
No, the whitening product is very safe for your teeth and gums.  Whitening may reveal white spots and other imperfections.

Is tooth whitening permanent?

Your new shade of white will be affected by your choices of foods and drinks. We recommend a quick (15 minute) retreatment every three months where you can review the shade changes and together we can develop a plan to keep your smile looking fresh and bright.

How many treatments do I need?

This depends on the age and condition of your teeth plus the type of staining. Heavily stained teeth may require more than one treatment to attain the shade you desire.  

Will whitening treatment also whiten my crowns and white fillings?
It will remove stains and return them to their natural colour. It can't make them whiter than the colour they were when they placed.

Who is this not suitable for?
Anyone younger than 16 years of age as teeth are still maturing.

Pregnant or breast-feeding women or those with allergies to the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide or glyco: This treatment is not recommended without medical advice.   

 If you have cavities or gum disease, these should be treated first.  Either talk to your dentist, hygienist or vist our hygienist if you are unsure.

What products do you apply to the tooth?
We use a 6% hydrogen peroxide solution - the active ingredient is very safe and breaks down to water and oxygen within minutes of being exposed to air.

Have other questions?
Ask us!


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