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About Us

Cambridge White is an Oral Health Therapy Clinic, focused on oral hygiene and dental therapy treatments.  Our Oral Health Therapists can treat adults for hygienist and teeth whitening services and provide dental care for children under 18 years. 

Cambridge White is now under new ownership and ready to resume providing services to Cambridge and surrounding areas. 

Jayme Donkin-Thomas is an Oral Health Therapist with a special interest in providing dental hygiene and teeth whitening services. Jayme graduated in 2008 and has been providing hygiene and dental therapy services for the last 15 years, including over 8 years working at a specialist practice caring for and maintaining patients with periodontal disease.  Jayme is a Cambridge local residing here with her husband and 3 children.

Vanessa Cassels is an Oral Health Therapist who has spent 15 years working both in the private and public health sector providing dental therapy services to children and adolescents and hygiene services to adults. 

Both Jayme and Vanessa graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Science in Oral Health in 2008.

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