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Guided biofilm therapy, also known as GBT aims to provide a positive experience to help individuals maintain healthy teeth and gums. GBT is a protocol that educates good oral hygiene routine at home, as well as in the dental environment, using the airflow and piezon (ultrasonic scaler) technology to remove harmful oral bacteria, called plaque and calculus to prevent gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth decay. 

The EMS airflow and piezon devices use water, air and airflow powder to effectively remove the oral bacteria to achieve optimal gum health. It aims to do this in a gentle and thorough method to provide a comfortable experience for everyone. 

The build-up of oral bacteria in the oral cavity has the potential to cause gum disease, damaging the teeth and their supporting structures, being gums and bone. When plaque has been present in our oral cavities for some time, it calcifies and hardens into calculus. This can lead to periodontitis and gingivitis (gum disease), as well as bad breath and tooth decay. Therefore, regular hygiene appointments, using the GBT method every 2-3 times per year using GBT aims to prevent this build up. Research shows that without removal of oral bacteria on a regular basis, it can increase the risk of disease, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. 

Guided biofilm therapy (GBT) is a new technology which aims to be gentle on the tooth surfaces and gums. It is based on eight different steps to achieve high quality removal of oral bacteria that is minimally invasive. It begins with making all oral bacteria visible, throughout the use of a disclosing agent. This is a dye which is applied to the teeth surfaces using a sponge. It allows the oral health therapist / dental hygienist to see all sites of bacteria, guiding them to achieve a thorough clean, whilst allowing a visual aid for the patient to educate and direct them to specific areas within their oral cavity where oral biofilm commonly develops. 


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